About us

The Journey

INDALO CREATIONS started as MAD Creations in my lounge, needing to make an additional income whilst being a super mom. One day God convinced me that I'm not "MAD" any more, thus I was looking for another name, but nothing stuck by me. It ended up being CREATIONS for many years: cause that is what I do. Creating......just as my Father does.

Once the kids were grown up I asked God to either show me how to turn this into a real business or give me a new challenge. I ended up being employed at a clothing factory, the same factory I started working as a young girl in the clothing industry. Now I was in charge to manage and grow their pattern department, which allowed me learn a lot about production in the factory set-up.

Whilst working there, the desire to start my own small production factory grew, but I didn’t know how to go from where I was to where I want to go.


The Break Through

During Covid lock down in 2020, my family and I started producing masks, as I didn't earn a salary all through out the lock down period. When the factory started talking about downsizing and restructuring, it didn't come to me as a surprise when they called me. After all, I asked God how will I get to build a business when I had no time. In discussions, with regarding my retrenchment, we came to the decision to convert the package from money value into industrial sewing machine value.

Because of the favour of God, we have a 17 machine production line, set up to produce the uniforms of Indalo Creations.


The Dream

Since sewing was how I fed my family for so many years, my heart is not only to create a sustainable business that produce garments for the industry, but to equip the women working for me to feed their families.


The Name

In searching for a name for this factory.......there was one thing I knew: It has to be something with "CREATIONS" in the mix. Indalo is the Zulu word for creation. So in actual fact, we are called: Creation (Indalo) Creations. Doing it like my Father does, since He is a Creator too.